till we meet again fuckboi

except it was a more gentle bye and it looked like a scene of a cheesy movie w my hair moving in the breeze

then walking back to the car he was in the golf cart w the personal trainer valet and the pt valet just ha d to stop to offer me a ride to the car and valet boy was dtaring at me and the wind was just blowing my hair everywhere
felt super conscious so i tried not making eye contact w him but i could see him looking out of my peripheral like pls dont look at me
so i ended up decling a ride bc i didnt want to get closer and then he said bye to me again

then when it came to leave i said bye to him and told him to have a great last day as valet and he said thanks but as i was leaving he said something about seeing me and i guess he meant at uni??and at the club meetings and i realized SHIT THATS RIGHT WERE GOING TO NICARAGUA so i got excited again for the trip i cant believe i forgot about it lmao

and the resident who quizzes me and cute valet boy on medical stuff came by and was like ive got some dulces for u guys
but i was on the phone and i heard him telling cute valet boy “make sure ____ gets one” but it got busy and i didnt remember about it till i was leaving

my mom dropped off food at work and she got to say hi to two former coworkers and everyone was like omg we miss u but good for u now that u have less stress and a couple recognized her and said hi

cute valet boy was singingtoday like omfg
not legit singing tho
at least i dont think so it was so awful and i was trying so hard not to laugh as he passed by

i bought a fluffy shirt the naked 3 palette and a new hair brush bc ive been using the same one since like 3rd grade lmao

i feel really selfish but the more i think about it the more im just like why do i do this to myself i deserve to be ahppy and not feel like shit

lmao idek why i try so hard i just end up feeling worse