but i dont have a crush on her anymorei think i just confused some feelings up and stuff idk i tend to get feelings mixed up a lot

ok but the funny thing is i dont thinki would really feel awkward being naked around her like we have been friends for a while and idk it doesnt seem super weird to me???even tjo i did ha e a crush on her before

takes friendshipup a few thousand notches

also my friend thats in another university is gonna go to korea town for the long weekend and she was like ahh i wish u could come w me!!
and i was like yea i wish i could too!!
then she mentioned something about bathing naked in the bath houses
like wait whaht

im so terrified of binders tho cause apparently if its too tight you can get caffing bruising and a bunch of worse things but sometimes i just reall y dont want my boobs there i want them to disappear temporarily and idek how a correct fitting binder is supposed to feel

other things i need to buy
-realise swim suits

-Nike iridescent shoes
-Nike iridescent pearl shoes
-wiiu games
-new nintendo 3ds
-nimtendo 3ds games
-possible nicaragua trip

i shouldve asked for his number cause know i have no idea where to find info for the trip and i dont have the full name for it nicenice

i got ao excited about the possibility of doing the medical trip and then i got sad about something fast so my stomach hudts it feels like knives

everytime i go to work some pplask me if i like my job still like ok first off
yes i do i really like it
second stop repeatedly asking me this question