i looked up my birthday and

  • Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day
  • National Greasy Food Day
  • International Artists Day
  • Sourest Day
  • World Pasta Day
  • International Bandanna Day
  • National Make A Difference Day

today is national respect for parents day, national girlfriends day, national minority donor awareness day, and national raspberry cream pie day

saw wrestler guy today and found out his full name ALSO HE GOT A HAIRCUT IT isnt that bad its like a small duckbutt but it was nicer before tbh
the day was rlly busy at times but then it got real slow
also got an oreo donut when i went to cover the other side

talked to the doctor over the phone and asked her if the soy milk could be affecting and she was like u might have just hit the nail on the head
so for now im just gonna go back to drinking normal milk and see if everything straightens out

there was a rlly good review for a binder i saw months ago but its like 50+ dollars for it so i was thinking mayb i should find a cheaper one to see if it works out??
hopefully i can get one at the beginning of the semester

wait a second if i get a stronger dose does that mean my chest is gonna get bigger causeim very conflicted about that like

i dont mind it at all at times but other moments i reall y want to have a binder

mom talked to doctor and it looks like i might have to go on a stronger dosage of the pills cause im at the lowest dose and she believes thats why my system isnt regulating

actually they should probably check my levels again mayb im just getting too much rn and my t levels are fine

lmao might as well give me t-blockers to see if that helps out

reasons i like josuke4 much more than jotaro

1. isnt rude to his mother

2. thats it basically i strongly dislike jotaro for bein so rude to his mom