he was like did u think it was the holy ghost YOU FUCK I SAW THE HOLY GHOST AT THAT MOMENT DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT

lmao so usually at work most ppl arent touchy feely cause ya know personal space and stuff and some ppl give like an arm squeeze or a light touch on the arm
and im not used to it so when ppl like hug me or grab me its like ok whats going on

e valet boy came in to take over c valet boys shift and he came in normally and stuff but did a cute small smile when i said hi
and valet usually has to grab a key from a drawer in the concierge desk but i was in the way and usually he says excuse me and i scooch over but this time he was coming and i smelled someone approaching?? his perfume was strong but i thought he was passing by until HANDS CAME FROM BEHIND AND GRABBED MY ARMS I WENT INTO SUCH A PANIC FOR 1 SECOND LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING and he was like hey sara i need the keys

friend saying nice things to me and causing me to cry

and i found out my friends’ mom passed away this morning and they were like
the first friends i made when moving to the west coast of fl and ive known them all for a long time so it kind of really shocked me i just
stared at her message for about a mimute before reacting and telling my mom and then calling my friend to check if her and her sister were doing alright

apparently my mom heard me sniffling around 3-4am so i guess i was crying in my sleep

sees art of ppl w vitiligo and/or birthmarks

had a drema where tjere was buff ppl in sweater vests and it was like
god bless not another horror dream
then ppl starting shooting and there was cops lmao

tries to sleep for more than 5 hours
wkaes up at the fourth hour froma rlly gorey dream

but i dont have a crush on her anymorei think i just confused some feelings up and stuff idk i tend to get feelings mixed up a lot

ok but the funny thing is i dont thinki would really feel awkward being naked around her like we have been friends for a while and idk it doesnt seem super weird to me???even tjo i did ha e a crush on her before