whenever our supervisor passes by and we make eye contact they raise their eyebrows at me
is this some sort of greeting im not aware of cause its odd am i supposed to raise mine back or

then i got a call and gave the whole formal greeting and all of a sudden “YOO WHAT UP”
it was the valet w the tattoos calling

the valet w the tatoos refers to me as cleopatra now im doen

seeing hip bones sticking out is really unnerving for me like idk why i just
feel weird seeing them they look rlly fragilea

also yesterday while driving to work i was at a four way stop and i started accelerating and something starts moving on the ground a bit ahead??? AND IT WAS A SMALL ARMADILLO THID IS THE SECOND TIME IVE SEEN A LIVE ONE AND I JUST BRAKED ANF 3 CARS WERE BEHIND ME
they couldnt see it since it was infront of my car so i tried to go around it slowly but it started walking the same way so i just slowed down and kept saying noo noo until i could move around it

i woke up at 6 am :)
because my mom was talking on the phone loudly :)

saw wrestler guy today
couldnt talk to him tho since we were all pretty busy but he came over during his spare time to adjust my name plate on the desk and to fluff pillows in the waiting area

and then a house keeping lady stopped by the desk to clean and stared at my face for a second and was like ohh the eyes
so it looks like the valet guy has spoken to others about me lol

today when i arrived at the guard house of the place i work at the valet that said i look like cleopatra was talking to the guard inside and shouted THATS CLEOPATRA

getting a thyroid ultrasound in a few minutes lets see what pops up